Project: Cold Case’s mission is to serve families of unsolved homicides. This population of victims and survivors has long been glossed over. They deserve the attention, the assistance, the justice that every other victim of crime receives.

Our goal started as a simple one. Families could submit their loved one’s name and image to Project: Cold Case, and we would post it on our website. We were going to make sure that each person’s loved one would forever be remembered.

As it turned out, caring about these victims and their families was the bare minimum we could provide. Soon, Project: Cold Case was publishing Spotlight articles highlighting the life of a victim taken too soon. We were facilitating meetings between survivors and law enforcement, hoping to bridge the gap and build a trusting relationship between the two parties.

Over the years, we have learned that Project: Cold Case’s role in the community continues to evolve. We are always evaluating the needs of our families and the best ways to advocate for them.

Living with an unsolved murder is a difficult weight for survivors to carry. Project: Cold Case is here to assist.