June 19, 2023 | By: Kaitlin Ward

This story is part of a collaborative project between Project: Cold Case and a University of North Florida’s Applied Journalism class volunteer.

On October 23, 2018, Marco Clewis called his Fiancé Ameenah Muhammad, to let her know he had his baby boy with him.

It was strange to Ameenah hearing this, because his son was usually with his mother on that date. When she asked Marco why he had the baby, he said he just wanted to spend some time with him.

When it was time for the baby to leave, he was crying so hard, he didn’t want to let Marco go.

Hours later, around 12:30am on the 24th, Marco was shot to death in his home.

Marco and Ameenah were supposed to get married 6 months later.

“We liked to go to the movies and out to eat and had a lot of family gatherings,” said Ameenah.

He was working for Nesquik as an operator and a lead. He was planning on retiring from there.

Ameenah remembers him as a very outgoing and caring person.

“He volunteered on his own with different churches. He did a lot of community service, feeding the homeless, he did a lot of that,” said Ameenah.

Marco was a big family man. He had two sons, Marco Jr. and Malachi.

“It was very important to him that he raised both of his children. I don’t even recall having to buy anything for my son because he did everything,” recalled Ameenah.

He lived by himself, with his brother Earl Clewis, living across the street from him.

Earl was at home the night his brother was murdered.

“The neighbors are saying that his brother heard gun shots and he came outside. He must have saw something that was going on, so he got in his car and started chasing the people that were leaving his brother’s house and they were shooting at him,” said Ameenah.

Moments later, Earl’s car crashed and he died from the injuries of the crash.

Years later, the family is still waiting for answers.

“The funeral was very sad. Him and his brother’s funeral was at the same time,” remembers Ameenah.

Malachi, his youngest son who was with him hours before his death, still remembers his dad, even though he was only one at the time.

“At night time, we say our prayers and he always says that he wants to pray for his dad and hopes he is in heaven,” said Ameenah.

On birthdays and holidays Ameenah will go to his grave site, taking Malachi with her.

Ameenah doesn’t know if it will be ever be solved, but she continues to hope and remember the Marco she loved.

“You can never really say how long someone’s going to grieve. People say as time goes by you will get better, but that’s not always the case. You just learn how to deal with things but it doesn’t mean you got over what actually happened,” said Ameenah.

If you have any information on the murder of Marco Clewis, please call the Dallas Police Department at (214) 671-3584. To remain anonymous and possibly be eligible for a reward, call Crime Stoppers at (214) 373-TIPS or dial **TIPS from your mobile device.

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