January 30, 2023 | By Sarah Mitchell

“A flower was lost in the wind, she blew away. Like plucking a rose, something so delicate that you shouldn’t with. “

Pamela Harmon was born and raised in Florida. She went to school in Daytona and then eventually moved to Orlando for a fun new start.” Pamela smiled all the time; she had the prettiest smile. Her teeth were so even and so white. She was a happy-go-lucky person.” Expressed her little sister, Valerie.

Valerie reflected on the fond memories she has with her sister, Pamela. The sisters would spend time together as young girls playing with paper dolls. Pamela loved yellow and dressing up in beautiful dresses. When their mother would have friends over, Pamela would ask to play with and touch the women’s hair. “Pamela had beautiful hair and was fascinated by it; she would wrap her hair in yellow ribbons and just look beautiful”.

One morning, the sisters woke up and decided “it’s time to go”. Valerie stated that she wanted to travel to Jacksonville, but Pamela wanted Orlando to be their next destination. The sisters both had their sons with them and started on their new adventure together.

“She was my best friend, nobody ever had anything bad to say about my sister, never heard anything bad”.

Pamela loved to have fun! The sisters enjoyed spending time together in Orlando going out and partying. Valerie laughed and stated, “She loved the lord, but she also loved to party”. Pamela even got the opportunity to see the “Queen of Gospel”, Shirley Caesar live in concert. Pamela loved to sing and had a beautiful voice so that was an honor to be able to see her live.

“I still listen to Shirley Caesar every Sunday morning, and I think about her while I listen. I don’t know the city where Pam saw her in concert, but I always still wonder”. Valerie revealed.

In the early hours of January 24th, 1982, Pamela was found near the Rainbow Club in Eatonville, Florida the victim of a hit-and run. The driver of the car was never located, and the case went cold.

Valerie was living in Orlando at the time of her sister’s homicide and stated, “I was at the store, and someone came up to me and told me that my sister had been killed, I got on the payphone and called my parents, and they told me to come on home”. The family was devastated, Pamela’s parents took it hard. The family still cries and mourns their loss.

“Pamela was so lively; she lived a great life and it was ended too short”. Pamela had two daughters and a son. “We look at her daughters and they look just like her, that’s how I know she’s always with us. I vowed to keep an eye on her daughters for her”. Valerie stated.

Pamela’s Daughter, Willetta stated, “I was able to come back to and buy my mother a house. She may not be ever be able to live in it, but she sits directly behind it”. Its Willetta’s gift from her to her mother, and wants her Mother to know that she will always love her.

When asked about Pamela, Valerie stated “Only God knows who hit my sister and kept on going, I would love to know who did this and have them prosecuted”. Valerie struggles with the fact that they could have stopped, “How can they live with themselves”.

Pamela’s family continues to mourn the loss of their beautiful and happy go-lucky, Sister, daughter and mother.

If you have any information on the death of Pamela Harmon, please call the Florida Highway Patrol – Troop D Traffic Homicide Division at (407) 737-2300.

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