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UPDATE 3.0: Sometimes the idea of national attention is better than the reality of national attention. The Killing Fields television show manufactured a timeline and inaccurately portrayed events while featuring Carrie’s case. In the process they re-victimized Carrie and her family in an attempt to entice and engage viewers. For more information on the impact of unethical story-telling, please watch the video with Carrie’s mom below.

UPDATE 2.0: After 21 months we are finally able to talk about something that has been going on behind the scenes since March 2016. That is when we were contacted by a television production company asking if we could help them identify victims of unsolved homicides.

The case had to meet some very unique and specific criteria to be considered.

At the time we only had 5 cases that matched what they were looking for and a 6th case that we knew was a stretch but fit some of their criteria.

It has been a long road with plenty of ups and downs but starting on Thursday, January 4, 2018 at 9pm, the Discovery Channel will air their all new season of Killing Fields Murder Isle, featuring the cold case of Carrie Singer, the second victim we ever spotlighted and the daughter of Project: Cold Case victim advocate, Patty Lord.

UPDATE: On 10/5/17 the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office held a press conference with new information on the murder of Carrie Singer more than 13 years ago.

Utilizing new DNA Phenotyping technology, investigators released a Parabon SnapShot DNA Composite Image of the suspect in Carrie’s murder.

Investigators revealed what they say they did not know prior to the SnapShot results; the individual responsible for the murder of 28-year-old Carrie Singer is a Hispanic or Latino male.

This specific type of forensic technology, DNA Phenotyping and Parabon SnapShot in particular, can, according to their website, “accurately predict the physical appearance and ancestry of an unknown person from DNA.

It can also determine kinship between DNA samples out to six degrees of relatedness. Starting with extracted DNA or biological evidence from a case, Parbon can produce a detailed Snapshot report and composite profile that includes gender, eye color, skin color, hair color, face morphology, and detailed biogeographic ancestry.”

Please look at the following composite to see if you can identify Carrie’s killer. Remember, DNA Phenotyping cannot predict age, height, weight, facial hair or hairstyle so the images represent a scientific approximation of how the suspect would look, at an average weight, at age 25 and 55, respectively.

Click here for more information on the press release.

If you have information on the identity of the man above please call Lieutenant Tommy Potter with the Isle of Wight Sheriff’s Office at 757-357-9001 or Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

This Cold Case Spotlight was originally published on 3/20/2015…

This edition of our Cold Case Spotlight takes us to Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Carrie Singer, a beloved daughter, sister and friend, was found dumped in a field in rural Virginia on July 1, 2004. For almost 11 years now Carrie’s family has prayed, fought and begged for answers. Our hope is that someone will see this post and come forward with information. Carrie and her family deserve answers and justice.

If you have a loved one that is the victim of an unsolved homicide please submit their case here for consideration in a future Cold Case Spotlight post. ​​​​​​​​​​​

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